A Modern Defense Against Antibiotic Resistance


Escherichia coli


Staphylococcus aureus



 Improving a Variety of Industries

Better Models

Microbial Disease models are currently being held back by a lack of effective tools. If a researcher wants to study the systemic effect of eliminating a species, they could only do so through the use of expensive germ-free models. 

SmartPhage technology enables the advent of a new wave of science with the Microbial Knockout.

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More Effective Medicine

We are currently in a therapeutic arms race against bacterial infections. Overuse of antibiotics leads to drug resistance, which demands a more aggressive therapy with broad spectrum drugs. This, in turn, increases the overall spread of antibiotic resistance.

SmartPhage technology allows us to build the equivalent of a smart missile for infections. It’s aggressive but highly targeted, so we get it right the first time–and kill only the “bad guys”.